From the Road

Crossing Bridges

I’m in TX this weekend, just taught a class today called “Secrets and Lies” which was great fun. We hashed out secrets, lies, confessions, slander, libel, privacy, apology, memory, imagination, genre and sub-genre, the art of shielding, the drafting process and (quite literally) the kitchen sink! Tomorrow I teach the final installment of the “Getting Serious” 3-month class and set up the work that will carry that group from May to September. On the 18th I head to Maryland to Welcome Home Farm and the Maryland Guild to teach for two weeks, and then south to the tiny island of St. John in the Caribbean for the 2013 7-day Writers Journey, and a week for my own projects, returning home to Boulder by the end of May.

One of the things I have been most excited about is the amount of crossover in our Writing Guilds. Barbara from Texas is flying out to join the Maryland classes, four writers from Maryland are joining the Boulder Retreat in June, and Lisa from Boulder is joining the St. John Journey along with Pam and John from Houston. When writers travel to join different Guilds, classes and Journeys, they build bridges between these communities. They broaden their own experience and see how it feels to be working and writing in different communities with different ideas, different readers and different writing exercises, hearing different possibilities and different feedback on their work. If we eventually want a broad range of readership for our finished work, then it helps to study our craft in diverse and vibrant communities. Traveling to join a class, retreat or journey can shift you out of your comfort zone into a bigger world. And it can and move your writing forward in wild and unexpected ways!