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Looking for a class? Check out the newest listing of all the classes, lectures, workshops, intensives and labs coming up over the next couple months at the link below.

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So if you would like to register for any of those classes please just drop an email to me at hollowdeckpress@mac.com and I will get you added to the class roster. To pay tuition you can send a check or pay with a credit card here on this page by simply scrolling down to the yellow Pay Pal button below. (for tuition amounts over $300 a check is easiest for us to process but please pay however it is most convenient for you!) 

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How long have you loved to write?

bookstiedq1For over 35 years Max Regan, MFA founder of Hollowdeck Press LLC has worked as a writer, teacher, Developmental/ Content Editor and community resource for those who love to write. He works individually with writers, poets, novelists, memoirists, performance artists and screenwriters to support them in bringing their work to life. In online formats and in cities all over the country he has created Sustainable Writing Guilds working with a diverse range of people who are dedicated to the art of living as well as the art of writing.

Writing is a practice as well as a craft and we encourage each individual to uncover the wisdom imbedded in their own imagination and experience. Writers must be willing to write in response to and in conversation with the world around them and to find the unique work that honors their own voice. We believe that fearlessness, honesty, community, hard work and a big whopping sense of humor are the things that sustain the writing life. Life is way too short to not write what wants and needs to be written.

Hollowdeck Writing Classes

Hollowdeck Press LLC offers Writing Classes and Events for working writers at any level of experience, living around the world. We have members in our online community writing guilds from the US, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and South America. These communities are committed to awakening the curiosity and passion of those who love to write, creating honest, skillful and non-competitive learning environments where writers support one another in bringing their work to life. The foundation of these grassroots writing guilds is our desire to meet you where you are as a writer.

We engage writers working in any genre: from memoirs to stories, novels to experimental texts and full manuscripts to the single, well-crafted poem and we offer a variety of classes: For writers who want an affordable lecture-style or one-day class we offer monthly online Book Lectures as well as monthly 1-day online Writing Craft classes.

For anyone interested in building a regular writing practice we offer 10-Day Bootcamp Classes in which writers generate 1000-words a day, as well as 11-Week Beyond Bootcamp Classes in which writers generate up to 2000 words a week. Both styles of Bootcamp classes are conducted by email.

For writers who need a longer, genre-specific workshop-style class that invites you to share on-going work with your peers, we offer Weekly online Workshops in Poetry, Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction/ Memoir.

If you need an intensive or retreat experience, we offer an online 4-day Writing Project Intensive in January of each year as well as an online 10-day Writing Project Intensive in June of each year. If you need our help in setting up a Solo Writing Retreat customized with editorial support and teaching that would meet your individual needs please just drop Max an email.

Max also offers private coaching sessions all year long for writers who prefer to work one-on-one and content editing for those preparing manuscripts and texts for publication.

To find out which classes are being offered this month contact Max to join our mailing list to sign up for the monthly newsletter. Our mailing list is never used for anything other than Hollowdeck and literary arts notices, and, needless to say, it is never for sale.

For writers who love in person classes or who have a passion for travel, we are looking forward to the time when we will once again be able to host in-person classes in the Boulder Guild, The Maryland Guild and the Texas Guild. We are also looking forward offering Private Retreats again as well as our annual two-week writing journeys to the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, and to the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. When it becomes safe to gather and to travel we will happily add these events back to our schedule!

Making Tuition Payments: TO REGISTER for any class or event, please email Max directly at hollowdeckpress@mac.com. If you are signed up for a class or event and want to pay tuition by using a credit card (for any amount), then simply follow the instructions below to pay by Pay Pal. But if you are comfortable paying with either a credit card OR a check then we ask that you use Pay Pal for any tuition amount under $250 and use a check for any amount over $250. To pay by check make checks payable to max regan and sent to 1006 grandview ave, boulder, co 80302

Tuition varies depending on the class, but we are always welcoming new students into our community, so class rosters often fill quickly. We are committed to serving our students by creating no-interest, flexible payment plans. Students can arrange payment plans directly with Max. Sorry but classes cannot be pro-rated.

Five Easy Steps to making a Pay Pal PAYMENT
for a class, journey, retreat or private session using the Pay Pal button below:
STEP 1: In the box below enter the name of the class you are paying for in the box that says “Type in name of class/ service
For example: “Oct 2022 Bootcamp” or “Workshop and Lecture” or “Nov 2022 DEL Deposit” or “Private coaching session on 2.1.22”
STEP 2: Then just hit the yellow Pay Now button
STEP 3: Pay Pal will now allow you to type in the TOTAL amount you would like to pay in the box that says “Price per item“. If you are registering for two events or classes, please add the tuition together and enter the total amount.
(please note, the “Description” will automatically say :Hollowdeck Press Classes or Events” and the “Quantity” will always be “1” so don’t worry, that’s normal)
STEP 4: Click the blue “Continue” button. You can now enter your credit card info. If have a Pay Pal account you can pay with that, if not you can use any major credit or debit card.
STEP 5: Pay Pal will email you a receipt for your records.
If you have any questions or concerns about making a payment just drop Max a line at hollowdeckpress@mac.com.

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