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The “Breaking Open The Book” Lecture Series


Breaking Open a Book means we look not just at the story but also at the writer’s craft that brought it to life. How is the plot shaped? What is the Narrative Arc? Who are the characters and how do they transform? What role does landscape and era play? Is the style colloquial? Formal? Lyrical? What are the turning points and plot twists? Who is the author and what can we learn from a quick glance at their career? How was the book written, sold and received? What genre and/or subgenre does the book fall under and what are the different styles in that genre? What makes a story adaptable into a television show or a movie? And, most importantly what are the specific tools, techniques and writing experiments we can try in our OWN creative writing lives, based on the opportunities the book offers us?

Together we will examine (as they say in the publishing industry) The Hook (what made the book into a bestseller?) The Cook (who is the author and how did she craft the text?) and The Book (what is the plot, structure, characters and style of the book?). If you have read the book already great, but even if you haven’t please feel free to join us!

All types of writers can learn great moves from studying a well-written book. We welcome everyone; fiction and non-fiction writers, poets and readers of every kind! 

This 2hr lecture class will be taught on the last Friday of the month (for most months of the year) via Zoom, an easy-to-use online conferencing tool. You can join us by computer (just by clicking on a website link) or from your smart phone, using audio only, video or both. When you register for the class Max will send you a class invite with the Zoom link. You do NOT need a Zoom account to attend this class.
Lectures are given by Max Regan and we examine a different book each month; general fiction, literary fiction, fantasy, sci fi, memoir, even poetry! To see which books will be the subject of upcoming Book Lectures please visit the link above.
Tuition is $55.  For folks over 60, veterans and students tuition is $45. Tuition can be paid via Pay Pal on the home page of this site
To Register please email Max at
Recent and Upcoming books in the Breaking Open The Book Lecture Series include:
OceanAtEndLane.Cover crawdads cover Beacon23.cover FaithfulPlace.TanaFrench