Solo Writing Retreats

Solo Writing Retreats

100_3812.JPGSometimes groups and classes are not what you need as a writer. If what you really need is simply to step out of your day to day life and focus down on your own work all by yourself without distractions or other people, then a Solo Writing Retreat might be right for you. In a Solo Retreat the writer chooses a time frame, a destination and the specific writing work they would like to focus on. Max is not on the retreat with you, but he helps to set up the goals, writing exercises and structure of the retreat so that your time away is productive and relaxing. He also follows up with you when you return to see what you accomplished and what steps might come next.  These retreats can be done anywhere in the world or in your own backyard. Tuition for this structural and editorial support varies, depending on the scope of each Retreat.

Where Do You Want To Go?


It’s a big world out there, and everyplace you go as a writer changes you, leaves its mark on you, gives you a different set of permissions, allows you to feel and think and dream differently. What landscapes support you the most as a writer? Your solo retreat might be a write-everyday-style intensive or it might be a long-overdue vacation or adventure or research trip in which writing plays a key role. Solo Writing retreats are all about choosing a time that works most easily for you. Will you grab a long weekend or take some of that unused vacation time? Keep your mind and heart open as you imagine where you might go as a writer! Where have you always wanted to work as a writer? Is there some place that you have always wanted to visit? Private Retreats can be held in any location that works for you, in your own hometown or in a place you have always dreamed of seeing. There are many important factors in choosing a destination; it can be useful for writers to choose somewhere that is far enough away that they can truly step aside from work, family and other commitments, but not so far away that trying to stay connected to home is difficult or brings any sense of anxiety. And going somewhere on your bucket list really helps, some writers want 5-star luxury and some are happy with a small cottage by the sea, but being in place of beauty and/or calm can open more space for inspiration.

mountain-2595406_1920The biggest focal point in Writing Retreats is the idea of Presence before Productivity, so its vital to choose a place where you can truly be present and relaxed, sleep deeply, eat well and take great care of yourself. Those are the conditions under which writers often do their best work.

Supporting Your Solo RetreatUnknown
Max usually sets up an initial phone call to explore what destination and schedule might work best for you to be productive and relaxed in your time away. Getting to know you and your work and your goals helps Max design the content that might meet your needs most effectively, this includes reading any ongoing work, project descriptions, etc. that you might have. Lets make a plan together so this Retreat can be as productive and fun for you as possible. We can also set up some working sessions by phone or video conference during your retreat time and/ or checking in on your return to see what you got done, what you learned and what the next steps forward might be. Your costs for a Solo Retreat include: Your travel, your housing, your ground ground transportation and your food/ daily expenses. Any private one on one sessions or calls you do with Max will be billed at the regular rate of $90/hr. To inquire about setting up a Solo Writing Retreat please contact Max, anytime, he has helped writers set up Solo Writing retreats to Egypt, India, The Dominican Republic, New Orleans LA, Greece, Paris, Prague, the US Virgin Islands, Boulder CO, Florence Italy, New Zealand and Iceland.