Online Classes


Online Classes include the Writer’s Craft classes below as well as Retreats and Intensives, and Bootcamp and Beyond Bootcamp classes. Classes are open to any interested writer, regardless of genre or level of experience.

Weekly Online Writing Workshops

These weekly Workshops are each focused on a different genre; Poetry, Story, Creative Non-Fiction/Memoir and Fiction Stories and Novels.

Each class will meet once a week and for larger groups class schedules may include lecture-style classes in a big group interspersed with workshop-style classes in small working groups. Please check the current class schedule at

for more information.. These classes will be taught by Max on Zoom.

The purposes of these weekly workshops is to connect, discuss our work, write together and offer one another constructive, useful, honest and skillful feedback. We are a supportive, fun-loving, non-competitive community. We are committed to using the full range of our intelligence and creativity to help one another move the work forward, and to help each author keep their practice active. We believe in feedback, not in opinion, and that laughter and mutual respect are the lifeblood of our community.

Together we will discuss issues specific to each genre and we will talk through the life cycle of a text; from the magic of ideas to the way that memory and lived experience can inspire and inform a text, to the momentum required to edit, shape, finish and publish one, (even if publishing isn’t your goal or feels like a million miles away). What are you called to create as a writer? What are you willing to try? What are “back-burner” writing ideas or projects and how can we breathe new life into them? How can your writing life become more fun and easier to maintain? How can you build a practice that keeps your work alive and moving forward?

We will also discuss methods and opportunities for editing, shaping, releasing and offering our work for publication in magazines, journals and contests.