Writing Classes

147prg.castle.opendoorHollowdeck Press  builds active communities of working writers who gather for online intensives, classes, workshops and lectures. Classes and workshops are offered at various times throughout the year, most are taught by Max Regan, but occasionally we will welcome other teachers and guest lecturers.  There is no membership fee for these Guilds; writers simply register individually for the classes and workshops that will be most useful to them. These classes are open to anyone who has an avid or life-long interest and passion for writing. We work with writers of all levels to figure out how to develop and deepen the skills that sustain a daily writing practice. We are dedicated to supporting beginning writers of every age and giving on-going writers the jump-start they might need to re-invest in themselves and their writing lives. We welcome individuals who want to close the distance between their desire to write and writing itself. For beginning writers, we offer ideas to get you started and chances to laugh, remember, imagine, notice, experiment and possibly surprise yourself. For working writers we offer skills and techniques to help improve and expand your work.

In classes we investigate inspiration, expansion, revision and look at some of the ways in which our work can be released into the world. Together we write, discuss our work, offer constructive feedback that will be genuinely useful to the author and we learn how to merge our art with the knowledge and discipline that allows us to get out of our own way. Writers work best inside of honest, skillful and non-competitive communities in which we actively support one another. We encourage each individual to find the work that honors their own voice and bears witness to the dignity of their own perspective, while being willing to look farther than the traditional boundaries of the self. In class we will explore ways to build patterns and partnerships that will sustain the work. Together we investigate techniques for immersing ourselves in language, conjuring inspiration, and bringing our individual rhythms to the page.

100_4006We offer online classes conducted in a low-tech, Zoom or email-based format. These forums draw students from all over the world into online classes where they can get inspiration and community without ever leaving home. Whenever it again becomes possible to meet safely for in-person classes and events we will joyfully resume our offerings in different parts of the US and the world.

If you have been wanting to step more fully into your life as a writer, we invite you to join us by visiting the Calendar page to check out what classes are offered. We send out a regular Class Flyer via email to all those on our mailing list to show you what classes are coming up month by month, so joining our Mailing List is the best way to see if there is a class that might be right for you. While some classes are offered annually unique exercises and curriculum are used each time the class is offered. Writers who have already taken a certain class in a specific genre are welcome to attend again. Writers of every genre and level of experience are welcome. If you have any questions or if we can help you decide what types of classes might best suit your needs as a writer please feel free to contact us.

The classes offered by Hollowdeck Press will not meet the needs, interests and financial abilities of every potential student. So, if for any reason we don’t have the right class for you, we encourage you to find one that will better serve your needs, financial requirements or interests. There are lots of great poets and writers out there, teaching a whole range of subjects. If we can be of any use to you as a resource in furthering your pursuit of a creative writing or artistic community, please let us know.