Writer’s Craft Q+A

Q: Do you think reading books on the page is better for writers than reading on electronic readers?

A: Truly, it depends on who you ask. I still read books on the page, but I’m also a big fan of e-readers, kindles, iPads, etc. their portability makes traveling as a writer easier that its ever been before. The most important thing is that we, as working writers, (no matter how we do it) make more time to READ. For us reading is NOT a luxury, it is a necessity.

Brick-books-2But I did see an interesting study today about the effects on the human brain of reading books on the page. You can see it online here, at this web link:

Science Has Great News For People Who Read Actual Books

The study found that reading in general, and especially reading books on the page, significantly decreases stress, keeps brain waves and brain function active, leads to greater retention and even decreases the chances of developing Alzheimers Disease. So regardless of HOW you read, make sure you are making enough time to do it. Reading before bed or while you are on the airplane is great, but experiment with making time to read during the day as well. Immersing yourself in a field of language will keep you in the world of words and ideas and get you closer to your own writing life.