Writing Exercise


Cat-stands-by-snow-resizecrop--It’s a natural human response to the world around us, we get curious about everything. Try making a list of 15 things you are curious about. What are the people at the next table talking about? How do homing pigeons find their way home? What was Stonehenge used for? How powerful is the human mind? Does your first girlfriend ever think of you? Whats really going on in India? There is no wrong direction in which to turn your curiosity as a writer. The ability to imagine, to wonder (and sometimes to go find our for ourselves) is a key component in living the writer’s life. In fact, whenever you get stuck as a writer, try leading with your curiosity. If you are working on the early stage of a story, try asking “What if?..” to create alternate plot points, character possibilities, surprises or to shake the project up a little.