222_8377Boulder Bookstore
Independent bookstore in downtown Boulder CO on the Pearl Street walking mall at the corner of 11th and Pearl. 3 floors of books, cards, magazines and gifts as well as an Author Reading Series.

For those of you in the East Coast and Washington DC area, the Writers Center has been offering classes, workshops and events for working writers for over 30 years. There are also numerous colleges and universities in the Maryland/DC /Virginia area, most of which offer creative writing classes, lectures, reading series and conferences. 

The city of Houston also has a large number of colleges and universities with writing classes offered to the community, especially notable is the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston

Houston is also home to InPrint, offering classes, workshops and a reading series that brings distinguished published authors to town. See more at  Inprint Houston. The Houston Writer’s Guild hosts classes, retreats and an annual conference every spring.

There is a vibrant poetry community in Texas and in Houston 100_3964there are lots of resources for poets who want to learn their craft or read their work. The Archway Gallery reading series is a great place to hear poetry and the Poetry Society of Texas.

Editors, Designers, Proofreaders and Teachers

Lisa Birman, MFA      
Lisa is an award-winning  published writer and poet who teaches in many different genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction at various colleges and universities. She works with clients as a developmental editor, writing coach and proofreader, you can see her work here at She also runs the amazing blog Two Or More Countries at

Beth Hayden
Beth is a social media expert and the author of Pinfluence a book that is the industry authority on how small business owners can use Pinterest to grow their business. Beth offers one on one coaching for artists and writers who want to learn how to use social media more skillfully and purposefully. She also has packages where she builds authors a customized website on WordPress.

Mark Gelotte is a book designer extraordinaire who has worked to design the interior pages and covers for many Hollowdeck Press clients over the years.

222_9572online Resources for Writers

Poets and Writers Magazine
This is one of the most useful magazines for working writers and their website has articles, agent advice, information on journals and literary magazines, interviews with authors, info on grants and awards and lots of other useful stuff.

Writers Market
Writers Market, owned by Writer’s Digest Books is a clearinghouse for tons of information on literary agents, publishers and the publishing process. Most of their services require membership, but once you are a member you have access to their search engine where you can list the criteria of the text you want to publish and their database will be scanned to give you publishers and agents that might be a good fit.

Duotrope is a membership-based service that helps working writers manage the process of submitting their work to different markets and venues for publication. Their search engine has over 4,000 different publishers, magazines and journals that might be a good fit for your writing.

New Pages
New Pages has a lot of information on their site for free, reviews, detailed info on literary magazines and journals, calls for submissions, etc. It is a great place to start looking at the thousands of literary venues that there are out there.

On the Goodreads website you can find books, book reviews and reading lists by genre that can help you find a broader range of what is already out there in your genre. Its also a great way to broaden your own patterns as a reader.