Solo Writing Retreats

Solo Writing Retreats

100_3812.JPGSometimes groups and classes are not what you need as a writer. If what you really need is simply to step out of your day to day life and focus down on your own work all by yourself without distractions or other people, then a Solo Writing Retreat might be right for you. In a Solo Retreat the writer chooses a time frame, a destination and the specific writing work they would like to focus on. Max is not on the retreat with you, but he helps to set up the goals, writing exercises and structure of the retreat so that your time away is productive and relaxing. He also follows up with you when you return to see what you accomplished and what steps might come next.  These retreats can be done anywhere in the world or in your own backyard. Tuition varies, depending on the scope of each Retreat.

Where Do You Want To Go?


It’s a big world out there, and everyplace you go as a writer changes you, leaves its mark on you, gives you a different set of permissions, allows you to feel and think and dream differently. What landscapes support you the most as a writer? Your solo retreat might be a write-everyday-style intensive or it might be a long-overdue vacation or adventure or research trip in which writing plays a key role. Solo Writing retreats are all about choosing a time that works most easily for you. Will you grab a long weekend or take some of that unused vacation time? Keep your mind and heart open as you imagine where you might go as a writer! Where have you always wanted to work as a writer? Is there some place that you have always wanted to visit? Private Retreats can be held in any location that works for you, in your own hometown or in a place you have always dreamed of seeing. There are many important factors in choosing a destination; it can be useful for writers to choose somewhere that is far enough away that they can truly step aside from work, family and other commitments, but not so far away that trying to stay connected to home is difficult or brings any sense of anxiety. And going somewhere on your bucket list really helps, some writers want 5-star luxury and some are happy with a small cottage by the sea, but being in place of beauty and/or calm can open more space for inspiration. The biggest focal point in Writing Retreats is the idea of Presence before Productivity, so its vital to choose a place where you can truly be present and relaxed, sleep deeply, eat well and take great care of yourself. Those are the conditions under which writers often do their best work.

Supporting Your Solo Retreat

mountain-2595406_1920Max usually sets up an initial phone call to explore what destination and schedule might work best for you to be productive and relaxed in your time away. Getting to know you and your work and your goals helps Max design the content that might meet your needs most effectively, this includes reading any ongoing work, project descriptions, etc. that you might have. Lets make a plan together so this Retreat can be as productive and fun for you as possible. We can also set up some working sessions by phone or video conference during your retreat time and/ or checking in on your return to see what you got done, what you learned and what the next steps forward might be. Your costs for a Solo Retreat include: Your travel, your housing, your ground ground transportation and your food/ daily expenses. Any private one on one sessions or calls you do with Max will be billed at the regular rate of $90/hr. To inquire about setting up a Solo Writing Retreat please contact Max, anytime.

Private Writer’s Cottages for rent

Sometimes figuring out where to go on your solo retreat can be a challenge, for writers who are interested in a Mountain retreat Hollowdeck Press rents the Hollowdeck Boulder Writer’s Cottage to writers looking for a quiet place to work.

The Boulder Writer’s Cottage in Boulder, CO


This studio was designed to give working artists a bright, quiet, furnished, solitary, calm space in which to create their work. The 500 sq. foot cottage is a small, one bedroom fully equipped cottage in the downtown Boulder area. The Cottage is only three blocks from Pearl Street Walking Mall and two short blocks from Alfalfa’s organic grocery store, Boulder City Park, Boulder Creek, the Boulder bike path and the University of Colorado. The Cottage has 1 br with Queen sized bed, 1 full Bath with clawfoot bathtub, a walk in closet, a full kitchen and an open living room/ dining room. It has a beautiful front porch, heat, window unit AC and comes fully equipped with linens, TV, WIFI and a printer, everything a writer needs to be comfortable and get their work done! The cottage can sleep up to 4 people, 2 in the queen bedroom and 2 more on the new Ikea fold out sofa in the living room. If you need to take a break from your writing project you can walk down to the Farmer’s Market or follow the creek path up into the foothills. You might chose to rent a bike or walk down to the Boulder Bookstore or to one of the many cafes or resturaunts downtown.

sc00f6b30e Boulder Colorado is a beautiful college town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and is a great place to visit at any time of year. If you are a skier, hiker, bookstore wanderer, foodie or even if you just need a quiet place to get away from home, relax and work intensively on your project Boulder is the perfect destination. If you work best in small, charming, walkable towns at the foot of the mountains then this is the place for you. Denver International Airport is 25 miles away and easily accessible door to door via the Green Ride Van service. Boulder is a walking town, so if you choose to stay in or around the downtown Boulder area close to the stores and shop of the famous Pearl Street Walking Mall then you will not need a rental car.


The Boulder Writer’s Cottage comes fully furnished with:

  • bamboo floors and free WIFI
  • 9’ high ceilings and windows that open
  • wall heater
  • printer, paper and ink cartridges
  • IKEA couch turns into double bed
  • dining table/ writing desk
  • four straight-backed chairs, extra chairs are available
  • full sized refrigerator
  • 4 burner  gas stove and oven
  • window AC unit in living room
  • dishes, glasses, pots, pans, utensils, sheets, towels and linens
  • full bath with claw foot bathtub
  • covered front porch with chairs and table
  •  hot water pot
  • 8 cup french press and Brita water filter
  • walk in closet with 5 drawer dresser
  • blender/food processor

BathThere is free on-street parking on the street and high-speed wireless internet. Please note that there is a neighbor who lives in the downstairs apartment directly below, so loud or highly amplified music is not allowed. Please observe quiet hours from 9pm to 9am. Unfortunately the Cottage is not set up for use by musicians, painters, charcoal artists or dancers. Please note that there is no landline phone or television in the Cottage, it is designed to be a quiet place where working writers can step away from the distraction and noise of everyday life. The Cottage can be set up to accommodate up to 4 guests at a time.

For rental costs, photos and schedule of availability for the Writer’s Cottage in Boulder please just email Max at The cottage is available to local writers or visiting writers from out of town who want to set up a Solo Writing Retreat to work intensively on their writing.

The St. John Writer’s Cottage on the Island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands

IMG_0385For Solo Retreat Writers who are more in love with the beach than the mountains, you might be interested in saying at the St. John Writer’s Cottage, a small Caribbean studio cottage on the pristine island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It is available to visiting writers from out of town who want to set up a Solo Writing Retreat to work intensively on a writing project

If clear, calm, warm blue water inspires you then the quiet laid back lifestyle on the little island of St. John might be a great fit for you. The smallest of the three US Virgin Islands, two thirds of St.John is a National Park, full of white sand beaches and walking trails. St. John is a US territory just a few flight hours from Miami, so no travel visa, passport or inoculations are required for entry.


There are many major airlines that fly to St. Thomas, most of them taking travelers through either Miami or San Juan, Puerto Rico. American Airlines has the most routes and the most flights into St.Thomas, but Spirit Air, United and Delta fly there as well. Estimated travel costs vary depending on your city of departure, but book your flight as soon as possible to find the best rates. Sites like, and may be the best way of finding an affordable flight.

IMG_0565From your departure city you will fly to the island of St. Thomas, where you will take a 30min taxi ride across the island to Red Hook ferry dock. Then you will get on a ferry for the 15min ride over to the island of St. John. You arrive at the ferry dock in Cruz Bay on St.John where you can simply walk 2 blocks up the small village street to L+L Jeep Rental where you can pick up a rental jeep. Rates for a 2-door Jeep Wrangler start at $70 per day or $420 per week. The grocery store is another block away and the St.John Writer’s Cottage is an 8 minute drive from there.

IMG_0730The Cottage is a light-filled studio with a Queen sized bed, a canopy with mosquito netting, 1 full Bath with walk in shower, a walk in closet, a kitchen, printer, writing desk, a dining area for 2, and a large futon sofa with coffee table. It is loaded right on Centerline Rd that runs from the town of Cruz Bay to the small village of Coral Bay. It has off street parking, a beautiful front porch with a view of the water, a large window unit AC and comes fully equipped with linens, beach towels, snorkel gear and everything a writer needs to be comfortable and get their work done! The cottage can sleep up to 4 people, 2 in the queen bedroom and 2 more on the fold out futon sofa. It does not have a TV. Wifi is still being restored to the island, but there is a strong ATT cellular signal on the property, allowing guests to make cell calls and use their mobile hotspot to get online.

IMG_0724The Writer’s Cottage is located in the middle of the Virgin Islands National Park, with few other houses nearby. For rental costs, videos, photos and schedule of availability for the Writer’s Cottage in on St. John please just email Max at

To see more information about the island of St. John click here