The Hollowdeck Writer’s Guild in Maryland

100_2539The Hollowdeck Writer’s Guild in Maryland is a community of multi-genre writers that meets at various sites outside Baltimore, Maryland. The Guild exists to provide support for working writers in the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania area. In a series of working weekends throughout the year we gather to reconnect, discuss our work, write together and offer one another constructive, useful, honest and skillful feedback. We are a supportive, fun-loving, non-competitive community. We are committed to using the full range of our intelligence and creativity to help one another move the work forward, and to help each author keep their practice active. We believe in feedback, not in opinion, and that laughter and mutual respect are the lifeblood of our community.

Annual November Beach Writing Retreat Weekend: Magic, Muscle and Mechanics

This annual Writing Retreat Weekend will be held at the shore in Delaware, hosted at a private house in the Fenwick/Rehoboth area. We will, as always, check in on on-going projects and reading/writing news. But this weekend is also a chance to try some innovative, fun, low-key writing exercises designed to get each writer moving deeper into their own practice. What comes easily to you as a writer? Where do you get stuck or stopped? Together we will discuss the life cycle of a text; from the magic of inspiration to the mental muscles required to edit and shape a text, to the mechanics of publishing one, (even if publishing isn’t your goal or feels like a million miles away). What are you called to create as a writer? What are you willing to try? What are “back-burner” writing ideas or projects and how can we breathe new life into them? How can your writing life become more fun and easier to maintain? How can you build a practice that keeps your work alive and moving forward?
Fenwick Island, DEL is a few hours away from the Baltimore/ Washington area, a short drive from Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach and Ocean City. The schedule is designed to give folks time to drive down to the beach on either Thursday night or on Friday morning, and to leave time for them to finish the Retreat and return home by Sunday evening. Here is the tentative weekend class schedule:
2-6pm Class Session 1
10am-1pm  Class Session 2
1-3pm  Lunch break
3-7pm Class Session 3
10am-2pm Class Session 4
Finding Housing at the Beach 
As many of you know, the Delaware shore is known for it’s wide atlantic beach and its friendly small-town atmosphere. In November the shore is much quieter than it is in the summer. There are hotels, VRBO and airbnb apartments and many other types of accommodations available. Students will be arranging their own housing but it is possible to share housing, transportation and meals in order to keep your weekend costs as low as possible. If you register for the Retreat, I would suggest booking housing as soon as possible, I want every writer to find housing that works.
The tuition for this weekend retreat is the same as regular Maryland weekends, $125 per day / $375 for the whole weekend. You can pay with check made out to me at Max Regan, and sent to 1006 Grandview Ave. Boulder, CO 80302 or you can pay by credit card. There is a Pay Pal link on the bottom of the home page at  please type into the text box “DEL Retreat Deposit” or “DEL Retreat Tuition”  The DEADLINE to register with a non-refundable deposit of $50 is September 1st, that is our deadline to get the minimum registrations to make the weekend run, so if you are interested in attending please drop me an email at

Regular Maryland Writing Weekends

These Friday through Sunday writing weekends are generally held in the Fall, Spring and Summer of each year in Baltimore County.

The Friday Retreat is designed to allow writers to begin their writing weekend with a quiet day dedicated to reconnecting with their work. We gather at at noon and lay our our writing plans for the day. What do you want to work on? As we go around the circle Max will set each writer up with some customized exercises and experiments. Once we each have a plan for the day writers will be free to grab their writing supplies and choose a quiet place of their own to do their work. Writers will work on their own until about 4:30pm when we will gather again to discuss what we got done and to read to each other if we choose. Class runs 12-6pm and tuition is $125 for the day. You are welcome to attend the Friday Retreat on its own, or to use it as a start to your Saturday/Sunday Workshop and make it a whole weekend of writing.

The Weekend Workshop runs Saturday and Sunday, from 1-6pm. In this weekend workshop we will continue our on-going work of talking and writing together, generating new ideas, investigating new themes and calling our most passionate work up to the surface of our lives. These sessions give us the chance to recommit to ourselves as writers and find ways to go deeper into our writing practice, whether we are working with memory, observation or imagination. Through conversation, in-class exercises, laughter and silence, we will experiment with a range of forms to get started in finding (or finding our way back) to our lives as writers. The goal is to dive headlong into the ecstatic business of writing and to begin a writing practice that is deeply connected to the lives we already lead.

Tuition is $125 for each day, $250 for the Sat and Sun workshops together , $375 for the whole 3-day weekend.

We would love to have you join us, but please make sure the class dates and deadlines work for you before you register:

  •  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon Registration, which holds your place in the class.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of the class will be charged the non-refundable deposit.
  • If you require a Payment Plan please contact Max as soon as possible 

To register please drop Max an email at Registration is limited. New students will receive driving directions and information on local accommodations and B&Bs that are close to the location for the weekend classes.

These weekend sessions are open to writers of any ability or genre. They offer the opportunity for on-going students to check-in and continue to pursue the projects they have underway, as well as welcoming new students into our community. Together we learn build skills, patterns and partnerships that sustain our work as writers. Join us as we each recommit to our writing practice and set up substantial and manageable goals for the year.

100_2598Private Editing and Coaching

For Maryland area writers who have specific books, concerns, ideas, manuscripts or projects Max will be available for a limited number of 1hr private sessions on Saturday and Sunday before and after the weekend classes. This is a chance to review work, talk about a specific project, get in-depth feedback and/or strategize about how to keep going. To see more go to our Coaching and Editing page.